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     Shanxi Fen marina food co., LTDWas built in1976Years,Is a concentration of fruit deep processing product research and development、Production、Sales for the integration of modern high-tech enterprises。The company covers an area of18000Square meters,The existing staff180More than one。Have glass bottle、Cans as wellPETThree bottles of juice drinks modernized production line,Capable of producing30000Tons of fruit juice beverage production capacity。
    As shanxi fruit deep processing enterprise the most history——Shanxi Fen marina for years has been adhering to the food and beverage co., LTD“Cast quality credibility,Brand, create the future”The modern management idea,The quality of employees,The tree outside the company's image,To build first-class enterprise。After years of progress,Has been evaluated“Food safety demonstration enterprise”、“Quality trustworthy enterprise”、“Yuncheng agricultural industrialization leading enterprises”As well“Excellent enterprise in Shanxi Province”And so on。 

·Personalized brand:"Fen marina"As a regional brand ·Standing40Years,Drinks are on the market in the country ·Standardization:Has agreed to distribution policy rules
1、Personalized brand:"Fen marina"As a regional brand,Standing in hejin40Years,In the national beverage market is a unique scenery line,The unique brand charm。2、Standardization of management:Has agreed to distribution policy specification,Strict regional protection
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