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In kyrgyzstan—Committed to become the world no one new retail technology service solutions and equipment providers。
Strength displayPower display
Powerful sheet metal processing equipment,Large sheet metal production capacity,The annual output up to20Ten thousand units。
CasesA classic case
Kyrgyzstan has product solutions for hundreds of thousands of customers in the world。With its innovative design、Advanced technology and excellent performance,All over the country,Sell well in overseas。
  • In cooperation with mengniu dairy products vending machine in bulk
  • In cooperation with bright dairy vending machine
  • In cooperation with industrial and commercial bank of mass integrated machine
  • In cooperation with day oh drink machines
  • In cooperation with friends treasure jun to extreme milk machine
  • In cooperation with niuniu dairy milk machine
  • In huang's dairy co-operative milk machine
  • In cooperation with yili milk machine in bulk
  • In cooperation with convenient god take me
  • In cooperation with wahaha integrated machine
ClientsFamous customers
No brief the customer,Only friends forever;
We service large and medium-sized enterprises,Positioning high-end customers
10+Dozens of500Strong business cooperation5000+5000The home brand customer recognition20000+20000Home business users50000+50000Each small and medium-sized customers
  • The industrial and commercial bank of China
  • China construction bank
  • The bank of China
  • Agricultural bank of China
  • China Mobil
  • China Unico
  • WeChat
  • Pay treasure
  • Jingdong
  • Wing
  • Unionpay to pay
  • Wuhan
  • Shenzhen tong
  • Octopus
  • New cape
  • synjones
  • ...
  • Pepsi
  • The farmer mountain spring
  • Wahaha
  • Treasure
  • Convenient to god
  • Jun to extreme
  • Day oh
  • Bright dairy
  • Huang's dairy industry
  • Love is the dairy industry
  • Niuniu dairy
  • Sunshine dairy
  • Add the stupa
  • The home of rings
  • Correction pharmaceutical industry
  • Multidimensional
  • Think tank
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Make you master the real-time dynamic,Understanding of the product、Activities、Information such as sales promotion。
Shanghai vending machine show a successful ending,The invite you
  Represent the auspicious vending machine series products in the industry advanced、The practical direction,In ji welcome interested in vending machine to the customer。Good product,He would speak,The glory of the future,The invite you...
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In the vending machine after-sales service-Self-help
  For the sake of efficient service for you,Improving the service efficiency,In the vending machine to launch new service system。Later everyone has a problem you can use the new service system to report the repair~...
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  • 222019-08

    Intelligent bento vending machines are?  Abandon the past takeaway sell meal pattern,Introducing artificial intelligence and Chinese standardization system product research and development and production,Through the self-help intelligent terminal sales, Based on iot structure before and after the end of the overall platform operation mode,And implement the entire Internet remote control,Add new project smart retail——Intelligence...To check the details

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We have in the whole country900Multiple after-sales service network,Multiple technology research and development base,Provide professional for local customers、Timely service。
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