Gold rudder ceramic tile

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Gold rudder ceramic tile

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Gold rudder ceramic tile

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Gold rudder ceramic tile

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Foshan jinduo ceramics co., LTD. Is located in foshan city zen“China ceramic first town” ——Founded in。Over the years persisted wins gold rudder ceramic tile、Reform and innovation of the concept of sustainable development,Grow up to be a collection of research and development、Production、Sales of the trinity of innovative green ceramic smart enterprises。

Relying on the guangdong foshan、Guangxi wuzhou owns two production bases in international high-end production equipment and technology,Gold rudder ceramic tile adhering to the originality“Four high”(The high grade、High quality、High protection、High value)Ceramic tile products and auxiliary materials,Rich product line is complete,Covers the polished tile、Wall brick、All glazed ceramic、Archaize brick、Connect body to marble、The permeable brick, and other categories。

As won for the first time“China's brand-name products”Honor,25Years gold rudder brand with excellent quality and innovative design marketing services,With fruit。

The new channel,In the future。Facing the new era,Smart gold rudder will vigorously promote green innovation,At a higher、The update、More technology continues to improve products,Continue to practice design marketing concept,In order to help more consumers“What you see is what you get”The beauty of living。

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Gold rudder sichuan branch line foshan spring subscription will be a great success

2018Years4Month11Day,“The new channel,In the future”——2018Gold rudder sichuan branch line foshan spring subscribed will be in foshan gold rudder headquarters exhibition hall is held ceremoniously。Sichuan branch general manager jeng-hwei tseng gold rudder ceramic tile、Sales deputy general manager Xie Junjian with distributors,With gold rudder group President c.y、Gold rudder run-sheng zhang, general manager of marketing center、Gold rudder Li Danfeng brand general manager、Gold rudder ceramic tile YanLiJian domestic sales director and other leaders,Gathered here,Witness the gold rudder launch,Detonating order boom。Gold rudder group President c.y said,2018Reshape the annuity rudder will deepen the implementation of brand image,Start the independent research and development design platform...

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